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The Twelve Pound Look, The Playgoers & The Bear

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The Twelve Pound Look by J.M. Barrie

This one-act comedy satirizes Victorian marriage.  On the eve of his knighthood, Harry Simms is full of the great things he considers he has achieved. A typist has been hired to answer the messages of congratulation. She turns out to be his former wife, Kate, who was so oppressed by his hardness and petty mindedness that she secretly learned to type and left him as soon as she had earned 12 pounds, the price of a typewriter. She is quite contented with her lot, and her fearlessness and humour contrast strongly with the cowed and joyless expression of the second Lady Simms.

The Playgoers by Arthur Wing Pinero

This very light-hearted play by Pinero sets itself in an Edwardian household and the relationships, good, bad and quite hilarious, between the young, newly married Master and Mistress and their employees, mostly housemaids.

The Bear by Anton Chekhov

A comedy or farce by Chekhov, usually more renowned for his more serious plays, but which nevertheless loses nothing in its content.  


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