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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved at the theatre – a few of the more popular activities are listed below. It is a great way to meet local people, have a lot of fun and be part of something special. Many members are bringing their professional skills to a new environment or gaining experience for their CV! Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older and become a member. 

If you are interested, please do get in touch with us via the Contact Us form or look out for one of our Saturday open mornings and pop in for a chat. 



Our auditions are preceded by a presentation and often a reading to learn about the show and the director’s vision. We have an open casting policy: anyone can audition for our productions and, if cast, will then be required to join as a full member.

The approach to each show is different – but expect to rehearse 2 – 3 times a week in the evenings and weekends closer to the performance date. Our cast and crew work as a family and everyone is involved in the get-in and get-out of each show – along with suitable after show celebrations!

Notices of play readings and audition dates are published on our website in the News.

Front-of-house (FOH) team

Can you give us a couple of evenings a month?

The Front of House Team is responsible for ensuring our audiences are welcomed to the theatre and have an enjoyable and safe evening. This team are the first people who greet our audience and are vital to set the tone and success of the theatre.

Bar staff

Serve drinks and take orders for interval refreshments. The bar is open for all performances in the theatre before the show and during the interval – sometimes even afterwards. Staffed by a large team of volunteers – no experience is necessary - it is a great way to meet people and get involved without a large commitment of time. 


Answer enquiries, check tickets and help the audience to find their seats. They remain in the auditorium during the show and report to the front-of-house manager who is responsible for overall health and safety. It is great way to meet people and see some of our many shows.

Lighting and sound teams

Want to learn about lighting or sound or just help us out for a few days over a production run?

In both design and operation, the team work alongside the director and other crew members to bring the right feel and mood to the performance. The designer agrees and set budgets, designs the overall look and feel and executes plans with the team. You can be involved in the full process from attending rehearsals, design, rigging, operation and derigging. Or you might just be able to offer us some time to help with rigging or operation only. Experience is not necessary; we offer training, but commitment to the run of the show is important.

Set, props and costume teams

Want to learn about or just help us out for a few days over a production run with the creative side?

Working alongside the director and other crew members, these teams bring the show to life. The designer agrees and set budgets, designs the overall look and feel and executes plans with the teams. This role is carried out before the show opens and depending upon the size of the production it can span weeks of preparation or a few days. ‘All hands on deck ’are usually needed for the technical and dress rehearsals and then at the ‘get-out’ to return the sets and costumes to stock. Some productions require support during the show. The theatre has a comprehensive wardrobe and props and scenery workshop facilities. We welcome people with abilities from construction/painting of sets, sourcing and making props to making/repairing costumes.

Production Manager

Are you super organised and can work alongside a director over a few months leading up to a show - much of this can be done online in your own time.

Coordinates the production from initial planning to the final ‘get-out’. This role makes or breaks the smooth running of the production process and supports the director. The job will depend on the needs of the director and the demands of the production - but may include arranging the running of the audition; preparation of a rehearsal schedule; liaison between members of the crew and cast, artistic and technical links, publicity, box office and other departments including wardrobe and props; attending production meetings as required; keeping a note of decisions made at rehearsals or production meetings; ensuring that all connected with the production know what is going on. It’s an ideal post for someone who is super organised and also as an introduction to the directing process. 


Are you happy to give up a few evenings a week during a show rehearsal period - usually a couple of months?

Prompts are vital during the rehearsals to help the actors and director, particularly from the ‘book down’ rehearsals. Supporting rehearsals and some shows, you are the safety net for the actors.  It is a great role for someone who enjoys reading plays and willing to keep a close eye on the script and a close ear on the cast!

Stage managers

Fancy being the person in charge of the show week? 

Stage managers are in charge of the show once we enter the theatre space. Working alongside the production assistant they will have an overview of the requirements of all the production team and how to coordinate all their needs in the lead-up and during the show. They are responsible for the smooth running of the show at technical, dress and all performances – literally giving the signal for curtains up to the rest of the theatre. They are often accompanied by an assistant and back stage crew if required. 

MARKETING and events

Got a few hours a month to help out usually online? 

Our Marketing and Sales Team oversee the promotions of each show, creating social media campaigns, videos, design work, website content etc.  We are looking for people to help us out - perhaps run a  social feed for us or get involved with marketing of a particular production.

Our Events Team create a number of social and training evening during the year for the members. If you have any event management experience we would love you to come an help us out.


Theatre Maintenance

Got a few hours a month?

Our theatre is purpose built and opened in 1998. Now over 25 years old there is a long list on ongoing maintenance that needs to be undertaken by our brilliant team of volunteers. The jobs are varied and endless -  repainting a wall or the stage, checking emergency lights, PAT testing electric items, clearing out the stores, fixing curtains, to the less glamorous clearing of the pigeons poo. There is always something to do and if you have any maintenance skills or just willing to lend a hand ..... come and talk to us.   


Use our Contact Us form to get in touch.