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Something Unspoken & Suddenly Last Summer

Production Company:

How did weathly aesthete, Sebastian Venable, meet such a horrific death on the exotic beach of Cabeza de Lobo in the summer of 1935?  What did his cousin, Catherine, witness that so deeply traumatised her and put her in a mental hospital?  Why has his mother, Violet, requested a young brain surgeon to silence Catherine with drastic brain surgery?  In the sinister atmosphere of Sebastian's jungle garden, the hypnotised Catherine relives the horror of that day, "suddenly last summer" when everything changed.  Suddenly Last Summer is on one level a Southern Gothic suspense drama that flirts with Grand Guignol and melodrama.  On another it contains a tragedy that echoes, in both structure and theme, classic Greek plays such as Oedipus Rex and The Bacchae

Something Unspoken is a short curtain raiser, which echoes themes of power and repression in Suddenly Last Summer, but with pathos and an edge of ironic comedy.

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