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A Slight Accident, Gloucester Road and Too Long an Autumm

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A Slight Accident by James Saunders

After a slight accident, Penelope launches comically into her polite, slightly affected,  middle-class cliches as she invites a neighbour, Camilla, up to watch television.  Casual conversation is mixed with suspense surround Penelope's missing husband and when Camilla's husband Roger joins them the verbal comedy borders on vaudeville.

Gloucester Road by John Mortimer

Gloucester Road was written in the sixties and reflects a great deal of the mood of the time.  It is centred on the arrival of a young female lodger in a rather stuffy military household.  

Too Long an Autumn by Jimmie Chinn

An original play by Jimmie Chinn, performed as a rehearsed reading.

Production Team & Crew