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Knightsbridge / Thinking Aloud / Better Late

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Knightsbridge by John Mortimer

Francesca brings her lover, Henry, to her mother's flat to announce their intention to get married. While waiting for Mrs Stokes, Francesca answers a mysterious phone call.

Thinking Aloud by Emlyn Williams

Two chairs and a table suggest the interior of a station waiting-room where two characters are speaking their thoughts aloud. Syria Dale has just shot her husband; the man picked up her bag as she left her house and has followed her to the station. Syria is convinced he is a detective and that any moment he will arrest her, but the man is only an ardent admirer who has adored the famous film star for many years until his passion is now almost akin to hatred. Syria's fear mounts until she succumbs to the suspense and offers him her bag containing her revolver. But he is almost speechless with diffidence and stammers a shy request for her autograph. 

Better Late by Georges Feydeau

The play is set in a flat in Paris in 1910.

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