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Hay Fever

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"Hay Fever is considered by many to be my best comedy.  Whether or not this assertion is true, posterity, if it gives it a glance, will be able to judge with more detachment than I.  At any rate, it has certainly proved to be a great joy to amateurs, owing I suppose to the smallness of its cast and the fact that it has only one set, which must lead them, poor dears, to imagine that it is easy to act.  This species of delusion being common to all amateurs all over the world, no word of mine shall be spoken,  no warning finger of experience raised, to discourage them, beyond the timorous suggestion that from the professional standpoint, Hay Fever is far and away one of the most difficult plays to perform that I have ever encountered."  Noel Coward

Despite Mr. Coward's warning, we are going ahead!



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