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The Drowning Girls, TTC 2024

The Drowning Girls

Based on a chilling true story
Production Company:

Emerging from their clawfoot bathtubs, Bessie, Alice and Margaret share their fantastical stories in a chilling ghost tale that are all the more chilling because they really happened.

Based on the true-life "Brides in the Bath" murders of the early 20th century, this haunting, Canadian-written dark comedy focuses on three brides with two things in common: they all married the same man, and they all ended up prematurely dead.

“The imaginative depth of The Drowning Girls is enough to take your breath away” The Calgary Herald

The Drowning Girls premiered at Alberta Theatre Projects on 6th March 2008, as part of the Enbridge playRites Festival of New Canadian Plays.

Produced by permission of the Playwright and Marquis Literary
(Colin Rivers),


Production Team & Crew