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Alba Rosa

A sensitive and delicate portrait of a woman dealing with grief and loneliness
Production Company:

Grace is alone, following the death of her husband Carter in a terrorist attack. The couple were due to sell their large generational home to travel. Now Grace sinks into depression, pushing away her son, neighbour, and therapist. Grace starts to process the five stages of grief. Will she finally come to acceptance, reconcile with her family, and leave the house behind?

Alba Rosa is a debut feature film for Bogdan Radu (Director) and Jeffrey Louis Salkilld (Producer). With a longstanding affiliation with Teddington Theatre Club, Salkilld now spearheads Verve Bee Media, a local independent production company and looks forward to enriching the theatre with more cinematic offerings in the times ahead. This event is a fundraiser for Hampton Hill Theatre, and we will also host a Q&A with cast & crew members after the film. Thank you for supporting and we look forward to welcoming you.

Alba Rosa Official Trailer (2023) starring Nicola Wright