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Cinderella meets the monsters

Cinderella meets the Monsters

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An old-fashioned spooky Halloween pantomime for children of all ages.

Join us a fun-filled pantomime but this time Halloween-ified! Cheer Cinderella, laugh at the ridiculous Ugly Sisters and hiss the Wicked Witch Stepmother as we spookily re-imagine the best-known rags to riches story ever told.

Watch this creepy traditional fairy story play out amid all the pantomime conventions you’d expect including bad jokes, plenty of audience participation, glitz, glamour, glorious gags, plus a few surprises! It will probably be the best Halloween pantomime you’ve ever seen!

Production Team & Crew
Cinderella Meets the Monsters - Production Information

The infamous team that bought you the sell-outs ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and ‘Cinderella’, and the not quite a sell-out ‘King Arthur in Space’ is...

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