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Write a play for the TTC Fringe

Yellow typewriter with a sheet of paper in it reading Fringe 24

After the sell-out success of the 2023 New Writing Fringe, which showcased eight new works playing in repertory over six performances, featuring 25 actors, we’re delighted that the TTC Fringe will return this year. The Coward studio is already booked for week commencing 12th May. Exactly how many pieces we include in the 2024 Fringe and, more importantly, which ones will be determined entirely by the submissions received. And this is the call for those submissions!

We welcome plays from any member, regardless of whether you’re an established writer or a complete novice. This year, all submissions will be anonymised before being passed to the Programming team, who will, once again, act as the judging panel. The subject, theme, characters, genre and plot we leave to your individual imagination and infinite invention.

You are only bound by certain important and necessary logistical and technical criteria:

  • A playing time of no longer than 30 minutes;
  • A maximum cast size of four (though doubling is fine);
  • Absolutely minimal technical requirements (in terms of set, costume, props, lights & sound) – if the panel are concerned about what your script requires, we reserve the right to simplify what’s suggested or, sadly, exclude the play from consideration;
  • Capable of being rehearsed in non-HHT spaces – as rehearsal space in the theatre is at a premium in the coming months, Fringe shows will only be able to access the theatre during the tech & dress rehearsal over the weekend before the run. Another reason to keep the technical stuff really, really simple...

In short, the focus will be on the writing and acting. The clue is in the title: New Writing Fringe – we want to showcase your writing, not stretch the technical resources of the studio or indeed the club.

The deadline for submissions is 31st January 2024, so you’ve got a few months to get creative. The Programming team will then aim to read, assess and discuss all submissions by the end of February, with a view to announcing the successful scripts in early March. That then leaves a full two months to find directors and casts, and to rehearse - following the criteria above, more than time enough!

If you’ve any questions or would like further information, please get in touch with me at All submissions should be sent to Héloïse Plumley at, who will anonymise them before passing on to the judging panel.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Danny Wain

TTC Artistic Director