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When We Are Marreid

Photographer and Reporter

Married life is about to get very interesting in Teddington Theatre Club’s May production. 

Set in Cleckleywyke, a fictional town in the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1908, JB Priestley’s When We Are Married tells the story of three couples, highly respected pillars of their community, who meet to celebrate their silver wedding anniversaries when an outrageous secret is revealed, sending them all into a frenzy.

The Helliwells, the Parkers and the Soppitts were all married on the same day in the same church, but they are about to learn that the vicar who married them wasn’t licensed and that they’ve been living in sin for the last 25 years!

Watch with mounting glee as the pandemonium switches from horrified social embarrassment to other, more advantageous realisations. As each couple samples a taste of single life again, their relationships are vigorously and hilariously put to the test and the elephant in the room cannot be ignored.  Do they really want to be married after all?

In the midst of it all, the doorbell never stops ringing. Tipsy photographer Henry Ormonroyd and reporter Freda Dyson (pictured) have been sent by the Yorkshire Argus to record the evening's events for posterity.  Added to this, a wickedly destructive housekeeper is hoping to use the couples' mortification to her own advantage. 

When We Are Married is brilliantly crafted with larger-than-life characters and a script briming with laugh-out-loud lines. Priestley is a master at making fun of the smugness and hypocrisy of the Edwardian middle class.

Hampton Hill Theatre from Tuesday 17th – Saturday 21st May at 7.45pm. For tickets go to

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