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TTC Lockdown Memories

Lockdown memories

When we thought we were coming out of Lockdown last Autumn we thought we’d try to make a digital time capsule of TTC’s 2020 Lockdown Memories, written, performed and directed by our members. 

Well, in the grand tradition of nothing ever ending the way it’s planned and most simple things we attempt taking on the proportions of grand opera we have ended up with around a dozen pieces, to give us many different experiences and viewpoints of life in lockdown.  And they stepped up to the plate in style with pieces that are funny, poignant and in some cases downright angry.

The first episode was released on March 23rd, a year to the day that the country went into full lockdown.  And a new episode of between 2 and 4 pieces will be released each week until the complete set are available to view. 

Do tune in to our YouTube channel to see them – and to catch up on anything else you may have missed!