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The Red Lion - Reading and Audition Information

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Dates for your diary for The Red Lion - out first post lockdown studio production:

Reading - Sunday 31st October 6pm (Just turn up)

Auditions - Sunday 7th November 6pm (let us know you are interested and we can send audition pieces )

Watch the presentation of this show by the Director and our Artistic Director.


The Red Lion by Patrick Marber

Directed by David Shortland

Performance Dates:         Tuesday 1st – Saturday 5th February 2022 (Studio

The Play

Passion. Loyalty. Salvation. Small time semi-pro football, the non-league. A world away from the wealth and the television cameras. A young player touched with brilliance arrives from nowhere. An ambitious manager determines to make him his own. And the old soul of the club still has dreams of glory.

A non-league football club has a new young star on their hands, the kind who might win the championship for them. The manager, Kidd, has designs on flogging him to a bigger club so he can get the kickback he needs to keep the wolf from the door. The kitman (and club legend), Johnny Yates, on the other hand, wants to keep him on board for the good of club, town and fans. Thus, over three scenes set in the home changing room, the older men begin a battle for young Jordan’s heart and mind.

A haunting and humorous play about the dying romance of the great English game - and the tender, savage love that powers it.

Through three characters – ageing club acolyte Yates who washes the kit and has devoted his life to the team; smarmy, business-minded manager Kidd for whom turning a profit is the bottom line; and talented young player Jordan – Marber explores a clash of worldviews: romance versus realism, passion versus pragmatism. While Kidd thinks he’s trying to professionalise the club, Yates is worried that he’s killing what makes it great.

Don’t be put off by the theme if you’re not sporty-minded. It’s essentially a three-hander about loss and rivalry.


Although the play is set in the football world, the real focus for me is the human tug of war. The multi-faceted battle between Yates and Kidd – between community and individual, between settling and striving. The battle to win over young Jordan, and Jordan’s own battle within. With this in mind, I will be looking at how relationships work between actors/characters. The playing ages listed below a purely guides, please do not refrain from auditioning for a part because you do not ‘fit’ into the ages suggested.

Character List

Kidd - Male 35-50, Kidd is the restless, ambitious manager with a collapsing marriage, who is prepared to cut any deal to rescue himself from debt. Kidd has the manic energy of a man on the edge of desperation and suggests that, even inside this self-seeking chancer, lurks an instinct for the game.

Kidd is a worldwide. Charming, energetic, opportunistic, and manipulative. A perfect combination of Derreck Trotter (Only Fools and Horses) and Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

Yates - Male, 50 +, Yates is an old-fashioned kit man who has been around for years, and the club is his whole world. The former club legend, a man who has the Red Lion mascot tattooed on his heart, football represents hope and aspiration.

Yates is world-weary, he looks as if he has been ironing football shirts for years yet also conveys the morose depressiveness of a disillusioned romantic. A hopeful, foolish old git.

Jordan - Male, 18-25. Jordan has a troubled background, a dodgy knee and palpable flair. He is idealistic yet tainted by self-deception.

It’s a role that requires a certain fickleness. Jordan’s youthful opinions are strongly held, but easily swayed, requiring the actor to play honest, ambitious, naive, arrogant, loyal, deceitful all within short spaces of time, all with an uncertain but growing swagger.


Rehearsals will take place on two evenings a week (to be decided on, once cast.) Additional rehearsals will be added later in the schedule. Our rehearsal period will straddle the Christmas/New Year period, so there will be a break.

Casting Policy

TTC has a totally open audition policy and we enjoy meeting new people.  You don't have to be a TTC member to attend the reading and audition - and if you aren't available on 31st don't worry - you can still audition. If cast, will then be required to join as a Full Member. 

Contact Details:

Email  for the audition pieces so you can prepare in advance.  We look forward to seeing you all.