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Our Country’s Good

Our Country's Good Image

TTC will be recreating the incredible story of the first play put on in Australia!

Our Country’s Good follows the true-life story of a group of convicts who, having been deported to Australia, found themselves required to act in a production of George Farquhar's comedy 'The Recruiting Officer' directed by 2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark to celebrate the King’s birthday on June 4t 1789.

On 13 May 1787 a fleet under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip, with over 1400 people, including 775 convicts, left from Portsmouth to sail to Botany Bay, New South Wales, where the first penal colony was established – the first European settlement in Australia . 

The journey of 24,000 kilometres, took as long as flying to Mars would do today! Conditions on board were unthinkably grim, the convicts were treated with the utmost cruelty.

Just imagine the scene – a bunch of convicts who can’t read, having never seen a play performed, and don’t know how to act being led by an officer, who doesn’t know the first thing about directing! It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen!  Fortunately, the outcome is a positive one and, as the narrative unfolds, we see how the convict’s lives are transformed because of being a part of the play.

Timberlake Wertenbaker's hugely popular and influential drama continues to captivate audiences 30 years on from its first show at the Royal CourtOur Country’s Good creates tension and insight by recording the pain and injustice suffered by its cast of convicts, while suggesting the potential of education and theatre to nurture rehabilitation and social transformation.

Come and see this joyful celebration of theatre with the power of great language at its heart. 

The Box Office is now Open