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Hampton Hill Theatre is 25 years old



Ever wondered how Hampton Hill managed to get its own Theatre?


It all started in July 1990 when Teddington Theatre Club were faced with the threat of losing their own theatre after 29 years, based in Hampton Court House.

Then follows a story of fund raising, council negotiations and failed bids by a plucky group of volunteers who dared to dream. Finally on 15th June 1999 the Gala Performance of the specially commissioned piece The Garden Party by Jimmie Chinn took place to mark the opening of Hampton Hill Playhouse in front of our guest of honour, Princess Alexandra.

The next 25 years where a whirlwind of theatre companies and clubs enjoying the space, upgrades to the facilities, ever more variety of shows, celebrations, and the usual challenges that come with a community space run by volunteers.


This booklet charts this story. 


Paper copies will be available for a small donation in the Theatre Foyer.