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Leave the gift of theatre in your will


Leaving us a gift in your will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can support us.

It costs nothing during your lifetime but will help us keep our precious theatre community thriving for years to come.

As Teddington Theatre Club is a registered charity (No. 257265), no inheritance tax is payable on the amount of your gift. So after providing for your loved ones, you can leave a tax-free sum, safe in the knowledge that we’ll put it to the best possible use.

There are three main ways you can give through your will

  • A cash gift (known as a Pecuniary Legacy) where you choose to leave a fixed amount.
  •  A share or percentage of your estate (known as a Residual Legacy).
  • A Specific Legacy, where you leave a particular asset which could be property, possessions, shares etc.

If you’ve already made your will and would like to include a gift to Teddington Theatre Club, you can make a straightforward and inexpensive amendment or codicil, arranged through a solicitor. 



Please do bear in mind that this information is not intended to constitute legal advice and when making your will, you should do so with a solicitor or independent professional advisor.

To discuss any aspects of legacies in complete confidence, please contact our company secretary Jane Smith at