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Drugs, Mugs & Thugs

Drugs, Mugs, & Thugs returns to the stage for the first time in nearly thirty years!
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With its unique blend of football lore and controversy, this revival show is set to captivate audiences for a thrilling night of sporting entertainment at Hampton Hill Theatre. Originally a 1995 video production that followed the hugely popular George Best and Rodney Marsh roadshow, this iconic production shone a light on the most controversial moments of the 1994/1995 football season, capturing the attention of football fans to make it a huge cult classic.

Now, this legendary show makes its comeback, featuring clips from the original video on the big screen, whilst live on stage, football legends Martin O'Neill and Tony Woodcock will be having their say.

Hosted by documentary filmmaker and former sports TV presenter John Warrington, who also directed the original Drugs, Mugs & Thugs, this one-night-only event offers a riveting dive into football's most memorable moments as well as the major talking points from the game today.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience George Best, Rodney Marsh, Martin O’ Neill and Tony Woodcock as they bring to life the drama of the beautiful game. Drugs, Mugs & Thugs is back. And it’s LIVE.


7.30pm Start (doors open 7pm)

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A donation from every ticket sold is being made to sports charity Head for Change a charity pioneering positive change for brain health in sport and supporting ex-players suffering from neurodegenerative disease as a result of their professional careers in football and Rugby - a condition which has prematurely claimed the lives of five of England's 1966 world cup winning team amongst others.