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The Drowning Girls - Audition

Production Company:

THE DROWNING GIRLS by Beth Graham, Charlie Tomlinson & Daniela Vlaskalic

Director:              Alexsandra Marzocca

Reading:              Sunday 14th April 2024, 6.00 pm, Foyer

Auditions:           Sunday 21st April 2024, 6.00 pm, Coward/Yardley

Performances:  Tuesday 2nd July - Saturday 6th July 2024 (Coward Studio)




A presentation by the director, Alexsandra Marzocca


Emerging from their clawfoot bathtubs, Bessie, Alice and Margaret share their fantastical stories in chilling ghost tales that are all the more chilling because they really happened.  Based on the true-life ‘Brides in the Bath’ murders of the early 20th century, this haunting, Canadian-written dark comedy focuses on three brides with two things in common: they all married the same man, and they all mysteriously perished.

“The imaginative depth of The Drowning Girls is enough to take your breath away” The Calgary Herald

About the play

Intriguing. Haunting. Powerful.    

The Drowning Girls was inspired by the real-life Edwardian Scotland Yard case of the notorious murderer, George Joseph Smith and his victims, the ‘brides of the bathtub’.  The three women emerge from the bathtubs they were murdered in to give evidence against their philandering, murderous husband, by reliving the shocking events leading up to their deaths. They reflect on the misconceptions they had about love, married life, and the fallacy of ‘happily-ever-after’. Beneath the veil of this playfully grim dark comedy is a social critique on the societal constraints placed on women.

About the director

I am new to the TTC community, so I thought I would introduce myself. I am from Toronto, Canada and moved here about a year ago. Although I have a different career now (sustainability consultant), I used to work in theatre in Toronto.  For 10 years I directed, ran theatre companies and taught drama to children, adults and people with special needs. I loved directing all types of shows, from big-cast musicals, to serious plays, and experimental movement pieces derived from Emily Dickinson poetry. My favourite show I directed was the gorgeous little musical The Fantasticks. I enjoy working in a collective manner, respecting and integrating the artistic talents of the cast and crew assembled. After all, theatre is a form of art we all weave together.    

Alexsandra Marzocca, Director


Notes for the cast

The three actors will mainly play one of the three women, but also flow in and out of other supporting characters to weave together their narrative. All of the staging stems from the only set pieces, three bathtubs. The blocking will be a bit physical, with the actors creating vignettes in and around the bathtubs. It will also take stamina as the bathtubs will have some water in them, meaning that the actors will be a bit damp during the performance (every assurance for the safety of the actors will be taken). This is a play for a trio of powerful female actors!

Actors will require physical agility. We invite anyone who identifies as a woman to audition for this show.


Ages are those given in the script but can be quite flexible.

Bessie (age 33)

Innocent, trusting, and infatuated with the idea of love.  Also plays George, Caroline, John, Dr. Billings, Mrs. Rapley, Amelia, Marks, and Sergeant Page.

Alice (age 26)

Feisty, adventurous and strong-headed.  Also plays John, George, Henry, Mrs. Tuckett, Mrs. Crossley, Jane, Inspector Neil and Mr. Bodkin.

Margaret (age 38)

Sceptical, thoughtful, yet yielding.  Also plays Henry, the Conductor, Alice’s mother, Mrs. Blatch, Sergeant Reid, Knowles, and Miss Brighton.


TTC has a totally open audition policy and we enjoy meeting new people.  You don't have to be a TTC member to attend the reading and audition - and if you aren't available for the audition date, don't worry - you can still audition. If cast, will then be required to join as a Full Member. 

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