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Consent - Audition

Production Company:

CONSENT by Nina Raine

Director:   Jane Marcus

Reading:              Sunday 4th February 2024, 6.00 pm, Foyer

Auditions:           Sunday 11th February 2024, 6.00 pm, Coward/Yardley

Performances:  Tuesday 30th April - Saturday 4th May 2024 (Coward Studio)


Friends Ed and Tim take opposing briefs in a sexual assault case. The key witness is a woman whose life seems a world away from theirs. At home though the barristers’ own lives start to unravel in a frenzy of betrayals and recrimination.  Nina Raine’s funny, perceptive and gut-wrenching play sifts the evidence from every side and puts justice herself in the dock.

"Rich with humanity… a modern classic." The Times 

“This bracingly clever, bleakly funny play offers no easy answers to any of its questions: what is justice, what is vengeance, and which is right?”  The Guardian

This play has sexual themes and explicit language

From the director

I am excited to be directing this play which I saw at The National in 2017 and loved. It is powerful, thought-provoking, painful, but also very funny and will require a cast of seven or eight actors to work closely together in this fast-paced action, where living rooms become courtrooms and the audience become the jury, wrestling with questions of truth, justice, vengeance and what constitutes consent.

The characters

I have given a broad range for playing age because it is flexible. If you think you can play the part, come along and see.

Kitty – Aged somewhere between late 20s to early 40s.  A literary editor on maternity leave with new baby, married to Edward. She is clever, sociable, busy and emotional.

Edward - Late 20s to mid-40s. A barrister, working on the defence in a rape case. Married to Kitty. Seems confident and witty. Enjoys verbal combat.

Rachel - Late 20s to mid-40s. A criminal law barrister. Busy, competent and hard working. Has two young children and is married to Jake.

Jake – Late 20s to mid-40s. A criminal law barrister. Married to Rachel, with two young children, but not always faithful. Lots of banter with Edward and Tim but can be quite emotional.

Tim – Late 20s to mid-40s. A criminal law barrister, working as the prosecuting council on the same case as Edward. Single and wants to find a relationship.

Zara – Late 20s to early 40s. Part of this friendship group. An actor, currently rehearsing for a production of Medea. Single and wants to find a partner and have children.

Gayle – 20s - 50s. Is from a hugely different socio-economic world from the other characters. She is the key witness in the rape case and is trying to navigate her way through the justice system to get her story told. Scottish accent if possible but not essential.

Laura – 30s to 50s. A solicitor who talks to Kitty and Edward in Act 2. A smaller, but very important role.


TTC has a totally open audition policy and we enjoy meeting new people.  You don't have to be a TTC member to attend the reading and audition - and if you aren't available for the audition date, don't worry - you can still audition. If cast, will then be required to join as a Full Member. 

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